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Absolutely. Paradoor signifies genuine real estate ownership. You acquire a stake in a property-specific Unit Trust, entailing specific rights associated with homeownership.

We are working with banking partners to offer a financing solution at competitive rates. Watch this space!

The process mirrors a typical real estate transaction. You fall in love with the property and Paradoor handles all legal forms and closing processes. Our friendly team will guide you through each step of the purchase.

No. Owners are not allowed to rent out or sell time on public rental listing services. But we do encourage owners to share their time with friends and family. All guests must be registered and have the Paradoor app on their phone to access the home.

You reserve time using the Paradoor app, which operates on an equitable scheduling system. It's user-friendly and fair for owners based on the number of shares owned. The system supports two types of stays: advance and short-notice. See additional Scheduling FAQs for more details.

Absolutely not. Paradoor facilitates the purchase, ownership, and enjoyment of a genuine real estate asset - which you may sell and enjoy the benefit of any capital growth. In contrast, most timeshares sell the right to use a fixed amount of time in a shared apartment or hotel. Paradoor brings together a small group of co-owners for a single-family home share, ensuring ongoing access.

Owning real estate with others is a long-standing practice. However, DIY co-ownership can be challenging, especially when personal or family relationships are involved. Paradoor's fully managed co-ownership trust is a technology-enabled solution that eliminates the stress and hassle of solo ventures.

Owners pay a $300 monthly management fee covering home operating costs, property management, Trust oversight, ongoing owner support, and technology enhancing the owner experience. Maintenance, taxes, and repairs are transparently passed along directly to owners on a pro-rata basis.

We've partnered with Luxico, a leading property management and concierge service, to provide exceptional management services to our owners.

As a service to owners, Paradoor collaborates with professional interior designers and stylists to decorate and furnish the home to the highest standards. The goal is to create luxurious surroundings for effortless living.

Owners typically exhibit pride of ownership, and homes are inspected after each visit. Damages beyond regular wear and tear are charged to the owner responsible.

If other shares are fully sold, you can sell your ownership at any time. You set the sale price and keep any capital gain. The home will be actively listed on Paradoor and other websites.

Certainly, as a true owner, any equity gains realised are yours to keep.

Yes, each owner has designated storage space for personal items.

Certainly, owners may bring up to two domestic pets with some restrictions.

Owners must adhere to our Rules of Use, including restrictions on renting out homes or hosting disruptive events.

Paradoor manages details like landscaping, tree trimming, gutter cleaning, and pool maintenance through locally hired professionals.

To ensure privacy, we keep owner information confidential, and meetups are not facilitated. This is intended to contribute to a seamless and hassle-free experience for all owners.

No, an outside agent is not required. We're happy to assist you through the purchase process, but if you prefer to have a buyer's agent, feel free to inform us as you start the purchase process and we will happily work with them.

On average, owners can stay 6-7 times per year, depending on personal preferences. Your usage can vary each year based on your chosen dates.

We encourage maximum use of each Paradoor. Short-notice stays offer flexibility to book within the next 2-30 days without planning far in advance. They don't count toward your advance stay limit.

The Paradoor app is user-friendly. It displays real-time availability for general stays (up to 24 months in advance) and short-notice stays (2-30 days in advance). Our team is always happy to help you with any scheduling questions.

No, owners schedule based on real-time availability, ensuring equal access regardless of purchase date.

Owners can hold up to six advance stays, with a minimum duration of two nights. Stays for over 7 nights count as 2 advance stays.

Stay length depends on shares owned. For one share, it's 2-14 nights. Two shares allow stays up to 28 nights. Extensions are possible in off-season periods.

No, to ensure fair access, the period between arrival and prior departure must be equal to or greater than the last stay's nights.

Special dates include Australian Public Holidays (eg, Easter & Christmas) and local events (eg, Blues Fest in Byron Bay), marked in the app with a red dot. A 3-night minimum is required over special dates.

Owners can hold up to one Special Date Stay at a time per share. This is so that all owners get fair access to Special Dates.

The Paradoor app guarantees each owner one Special Date per share. If not secured, the 24-month calendar allows future requests.

Owners can book up to 24 months in advance, providing flexibility for planning.

We encourage cancellations at least 30 days before arrival. Late cancellations are allowed twice over 12 months without penalty. The third late cancellation freezes one general stay for 30 days.

If a date is available, you can secure it instantly via the Paradoor app. Booked stay dates are listed in the app's Upcoming Stays tab.

Standard arrival and departure are at noon. Requests for earlier arrivals or later departures are accommodated by your Home Manager when possible, with notifications 48 hours in advance.

Every region has a dedicated Home Manager supporting owners with scheduling, home management, and special requests.

Currently, owners can swap stays with friends and family using the Paradoor app. The ability to swap with other co-owners within your Paradoor is planned, but not currently available.

All operational costs are transparently passed on at their actual value. Paradoor cannot arbitrarily increase fees but may adjust them if necessary to cover changes in household expenses like insurance rate adjustments.

No, the fixed $300 per month program management fee remains constant.

Reserve funds are securely held in the Paradoor Trust's bank account, managed by Paradoor, and exclusively used for home repairs and maintenance, following a competitive bid process for major repairs.

Paradoor provides diverse services, including ongoing maintenance, property management, monthly expense and tax management, Trust oversight, technological improvements, and dedicated owner support.

Each owned share holds voting power, allowing owners to bring significant home issues to a group vote (eg, installation of a pool on the property). To initiate a vote, owners can inform their Paradoor Home Manager.

Owners have the authority to vote and decide if they want to remove Paradoor as the Trustee and opt for self-management.

No, owners are free to sell once all other shares are sold. Owners set their price, and Paradoor assists in listing and marketing the share, similar to a whole home sale.

Paradoor can only sell the entire property in extreme circumstances or if all owners vote to sell the property.

Routine matters encompass minor repairs to maintain the home in owner-ready condition, such as ongoing maintenance like replacing a broken dishwasher.

Owners are not individually responsible for life-limited items needing repair or replacement, covered by the Trust reserve fund. However, owners are accountable for items damaged due to their actions, such as a broken window.

Paradoor is responsible for property taxes and passes these through to each owner. Tax funds are included in owner operating expenses. It's advised to consult a tax professional for more details.

Any Paradoor owner can decide to sell their ownership interest at any time. Owners independently control the sale and pricing of their share. Paradoor provides a current valuation to assist in setting the price. The process involves utilising an existing marketplace of buyers, marketing the home on Paradoor and third-party websites, and streamlining the closing process.

Before offering their share to an open market, the 7 other owners have a first right of refusal to acquire.

While Paradoor suggests a market price, the seller has the final say. It's your asset after all!

Yes, buyers are welcome to make offers, and the seller can choose to accept or decline any offer.

Alongside listing the home on Paradoor and other websites, active marketing efforts, such as open houses and promotional campaigns, are employed. If buyer interest is lacking, despite these efforts, lowering the asking price may be recommended.

A standard commission fee is deducted from the final sale price for the seller. Buyers face no title, inspection, or service fees for resale transactions. At closing, buyers fund the initial two months of the home’s operating expenses, akin to property tax and insurance “prepaids” in a traditional sale.

Opting to sell ownership interest in your home provides ongoing use, cost distribution, and liquidity realisation. For those enamoured with their second home but seeking more value, co-ownership with Paradoor proves enticing.

When your home aligns with Paradoor's criteria, they market and sell a pre-determined ownership percentage. Following the sale of these interests, the home enters a property-specific Trust. Sellers maintain ownership up to 50%, with Paradoor finding buyers for the remaining shares.

The selling process is effortless for you as a seller. Collaborating with a local real estate agent, custom print and digital marketing materials are crafted to showcase your home. Post-closing, necessary repairs and designer touches are implemented.

With a database of over 65,000 potential buyers, Paradoor's adept team stimulates buyer demand through diverse marketing strategies. Partnerships with local real estate agents further extend the reach within the community.

All owners undergo vetting, committing to a practical owner code of conduct. The home is exclusively reserved for owners and their guests (rentals are not permitted).

Each home undergoes scrutiny from the interior design team. If existing furniture aligns with Paradoor's vision, direct purchase from the seller occurs. Otherwise, a comprehensive interior design or styling makeover is initiated post-closing.

Upon selling half of the available ownership interest, Paradoor collaborates with the seller to contribute the home to a property-specific Trust. Following contribution, owners commence usage while the company sells the remaining ownership.

Upon selling all shares in your home, you gain the flexibility to sell your ownership at any juncture. You determine the price, and the home is marketed akin to a whole home listing, with other owners holding the right of first refusal.

Paradoor collaborates with agents and offers a 3% referral commission. If your clients choose to sell their Paradoor, you earn an effortless 1% referral commission on each resale for a lifetime.

Your buyer can contact us directly, or you can arrange an in-person or virtual tour on their behalf. Simply complete the contact form on the listing page of the home they're interested in, or get in touch with our sales team using the provided number.

The paperwork and process mirror that of a whole home sale. However, you earn a commission effortlessly as Paradoor manages all aspects, including tours, inspections, and settlement. We ensure you stay informed throughout the process.

Your involvement level is at your discretion. We'll reach out to understand your preferences.

Commission is paid based on the share price. Multiple buyers brought in result in referral commissions for each share sold.

Absolutely! Whether you or your buyer is located anywhere in the country or internationally, you can earn a 3% referral commission by bringing a buyer to a Paradoor in your market or referring a buyer purchasing a Paradoor elsewhere.

No, payment is disbursed soon after your share sells.

We'd love you to share it with our team:

We welcome discussions on partnership opportunities. We are particularly interested in off-market properties and regularly collaborate with agents providing such listings.

Access our toolkit of marketing materials for agents, including educational resources, buyer information, and co-branded assets here.

We're eager to learn more. Submit the home for consideration, and if it fits, we'll be in touch.

Given that second home buyers often explore destinations beyond their local market, we currently offer homes in top Australian holiday destinations. You can earn a 3% referral commission on buy-side sales in any market.

Paradoor owners are just like you — true real estate owners who bring an ownership mentality to their home and community. You can expect very respectful and courteous neighbors who take pride in their home ownership. Plus, each Paradoor owner has agreed to a clear and fair code of conduct that keeps your neighbourhood just how you like it.

Paradoor is a co-ownership system to fractionalise luxury holiday homes into 8 equal shares. We connect buyers with luxury holiday homes and make it more affordable and accessible through co-ownership. We also manage every aspect of the home and stay, from an easy to use equitable booking system to maintenance and dedicated concierge services.

No. Rentals (short-term and long-term) are not allowed. Only owners and their registered guests are allowed to occupy a paradoor home.

Absolutely. Paradoor neighbors are real estate property owners who, just like you, bring an owner mentality to their home and community. They are respectful and want to be part of a community, rather than blow-in renters there for a short time. In addition, Paradoor homes have the benefit of maximum utilisation -- unlike most holiday homes which lay empty 90% the year, Paradoor owners utilise the home year-round, supporting local businesses through all seasons. Each Paradoor also has a local Home Manager who takes care of the home, and we exclusively seek to use local companies to provide property maintenance services.

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