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Own luxury real estate across Australia for 1/8 of the cost while enjoying flexible use year round.

Paradoor is a co-ownership system to fractionalise luxury holiday homes into 8 equal shares supported by proprietary technology to sell, book and manage usage.

Luxury should be easy

Effortless Downtime

Your job is to relax and create memories with your loved ones. Paradoor handles everything else. We look after everything you don’t want to, like insurance and taxes, paying bills, repairs, maintenance, and much more.


Unique Access

Paradoor gives you once in a lifetime access to own your dream holiday home, no compromises on the destination or property. Maximise your buying power to open your door to paradise.


Fraction of the Cost

Owning a holiday home has never been more costly. With rising interest rates, taxes and inflation it’s only going to get harder. Share expenses with your Paradoor co-owners and reduce your costs by 87.5%.

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True Ownership

Become a real owner and invest in property based on the time you wish to spend in paradise. Enjoy making special memories with family and friends, then sell your Paradoor anytime to pocket any gains.


We take care of every detail

Enjoy stress-free luxury lifestyle.

Paradoor deals with the endless hassles of holiday home ownership, you deal with a simple app. Bespoke personal concierge and property management provided by our integrated partner,

Luxico - The Home Hotel

Confirm your stay with the click of a button and start making memories with those you love.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Paradoor is a co-ownership platform. Co-ownership means that you and up to seven other owners share the legal ownership of a holiday home. Each owner enjoys exclusive access to the home during scheduled stays. A ⅛th share gives you 44 nights use per year.

No. Timeshare is a 'right-to-use' a property without ownership - think of it like a lease. Co-ownership is real ownership of the home - think of it as owning the freehold. Paradoor homes have 8 or less owners whereas timeshare often has hundreds or thousands of users.

We'll coordinate the purchase, set up the ownership structure, establish the constitution, and fully furnish the property to our exacting standards. Once the shares are sold we'll set you up on our easy to use scheduling platform. We'll then take care of the ongoing management including organising cleaners, maintenance and paying bills so all you'll need to worry about is when you will next holiday.

Each Paradoor home has its own annual budget with monthly payments that allows for property rates, preventative maintenance, repairs, Paradoor administrative fees, utility costs and a reserve fund. We will provide an estimate of each year's costs up front. All maintenance and repair charges will be passed through at cost.

Selling is easy. Paradoor will suggest a selling price but ultimately the price is up to you. Shares will be offered to existing co-owners first before being offered to the market. Paradoor can sell shares for you or you can appoint an independent agent to sell. It's completely up to you. And the best bit, you keep any gains!

Paradoor takes a one off fee of 10% of the share value when you purchase the home and a monthly administration fee of $300 per share to ensure that the home is looked after.