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Oliver Howard


Oliver has a background in venture capital, running an accelerator model guiding market entry and growth of over 90 startups. Prior, Oliver built his career in law & regulation at MinterEllison and then as General Counsel with a global hyper-growth technology business.


Tom Ormerod


Tom has had a 23 year career in property with roles at Mirvac, a joint venture at Knight Frank and most recently as co-founder of Luxico Australia’s leading luxury villa management business.

“Our holiday home is our special place — the canvas for so many cherished family memories and incredible times shared with friends”

Lauren T.

The spanish paradors

A “Parador” is a state-owned luxury hotel, usually located in a converted historic building such as a monestry or castle with a special appeal or with a panoramic view of a historic and monumental city. Since 1928, the Spanish government has converted these once exclusive spaces, making them available to be shared and enjoyed by everyone.

Today, Paradoor is doing just this in Australia - converting extraordinary holiday homes into spaces accessible to everyone.

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